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Important Phone Numbers

If you plan on going sailing on the SF Bay, put these phone numbers in your cell phone:

Crowley Maritime Corporation
Private Towing Company

Sausalito Towing Company
Private Towing Company

Vessel Assist / Boat U.S.
Private Towing & Water Assistance Company
Main: 877-422-9869
Local contact:  Captain Philip Delano, 925-382-4422 (24-hour Cell) 925-684-2183 (Office). For towing services beyond the San Francisco Bay Area, call 800-367-8222.

California Department of Fish and Game

Marin County Sheriff
Operates one patrol boat.

Oakland Police Department
Emergency: 510-777-3211
Non-emergency: 510.777.3333

Berkeley Police Department
Emergency: 510-981-5911
Non-emergency: 510-981-5900

Emeryville Police Department
Non-emergency: 510-596-3700

San Francisco Police Department
The SFPD has a small fleet of police boats.
Marine Unit: 415-409-1010
Emergency: 415-553-8090
Non-emergency: 415-553-0123

Sausalito Police Department

U.S. Coast Guard
If there is an imminent threat to life or property, don't hesitate to call the Coast Guard on Channel 16. But if you're just inconvenienced (for example, drifting without power but not near any hazards), call a commercial towing company.

The U.S. Coast Guard and the police services of the surrounding communities provide emergency rescue and law enforcement on the bay. All monitor Channel 16. If you need help on the water but are not in immediate peril, the government services will refer you to a commercial towing service.