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On a crisp spring morning in Aprils of 2011, Cal Sailing's very own John Mankey had a groundbreaking idea.

"Why not mount a motor on the back of Bahia?"

Innovation often comes as a direct result of prior innovation.  You see, Mr. Mankey was also the inventor of the Friday Night Sunset Cruise (FNSC).  FNSC's had taken cruisers all the way across the Junior area to Chevy's;  all the way to Denny's (also all the way across the Junior area - but with slightly longer walk upon arrival); and last but on a (partial) circumnavigation of the Albany bulb to eat Costco Hot Dogs.

But John wanted to allow FNSC's to go even farther!   That's when his new invention, MotoBahia arrived.

PRIMARY BENEFIT:  The MotoBahia increases our dinghy cruising range by leaps and bounds.  

Take the Mankey MotoBahia for a test drive by watching these jaw-dropping videos!


Monumental Mankey Motor Mount

CSC - 041811 - MotoBahia Towing Part 2

ThreeS a Crowd

Mankey MotoBahia