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Cruise Signup

Username: "csc"
Password : "j-dock"

Click here to signup for a cruise:

How the Sign-Up Procedure Works

The on-line sign-up system provides a comfortable and fair way for CSC members to sign up for club cruises. Sometimes there are more people interested in joining a cruise than places available. In this case, a fair lottery is performed to determine who will be on board and who will not, for that cruise. It does not matter at all when you sign up, provided it is before the closing time of the lottery.

There will be a waiting list whenever the cruise is fully booked. Sometimes another boat will be added to the cruise, or people booked in might not show up. In these cases, people from the waiting list may finally get the opportunity to join, though.

Every member may also sign up one guest in addition to herself or himself. The guest need not be a member. The lottery will try to keep you and your guest together, giving either both or none of you a place on board. Only in rare cases, you might be the last person on board, while your guest is the first person on the waiting list.

The lottery works by randomly assigning priorities to all sign-ups. Therefore, when you sign up before the closing time of the lottery, you will find yourself at a random position within the list of sign-ups. The list changes continuously, and people signing up after you might be lucky to get higher priority than you, shifting you down the list. Furthermore, people signed up may cancel their sign-up, in which case you might be shifted up again. Whenever you drop out of the crew with guaranteed places, or in again, you will get an automatic e-mail notification provided you have entered an e-mail address with your sign-up.

You can cancel your sign-up any time until the sign-up is closed, and also sign up again after canceling. But as the system will remember your initial priority, cancel and re-signup will never give you a better chance of joining!


How to ...

This sections gives short instructions for typical members' tasks within the sign-up time.

There is a username/password requester. What do I have to enter?

Now that you have found this question, we believe that you really are a CSC member. For member sign-up, log in as user csc with password j-dock. (The password may change or this hint may be removed in the future.)

How do I sign up at first?

Select your cruise on the main page, click on the Cruise Details and Sign-Up button, fill in the green form (selecting sign up a member), and click theSign Me Up button.

How do I sign up a guest?

Sign up yourself as a member first (see above how), go back to the sign-up page, and do a second sign-up for your guest (selecting sign up a guest). You need to use your membership number for your guest, too, and you have to provide the 6-digit key code you got with your sign-up. You may enter your guest's phone and e-mail, but you may also use your own if you prefer to be the sole contact person.

Do you really need my guest's name?

Not really. You may use your name or even ??? instead. But you can add your guest at any time during the lottery, sharing your list position. There is no need to reserve a guest spot early unless you are not sure of a guest!

How can I drop my guest from my sign-up?

Enter your membership number and your 6-digit key code into the redcancel form on the cruise details page, select cancel only my guest, and hitCancel My Sign-Up.

How can I change guests?

Just repeat the guest sign-up (see above how) with the new name and contact information. Your guest's list position will be kept!

How can I change a phone number or an email address?

Just repeat the sign-up (see above how) with the new data. Take care to correctly select sign up a member or sign up a guest to indicate whose sign-up information you want to change. You need to enter the 6-digit key code you got with your sign-up.

Why does my guest have a list position way behind me?

If you add a guest after the lottery has ended, your guest will always be put to the very end of the list, no matter what position you are at. Sorry, we cannot handle this in any other way because we want to guarantee that nobody will ever lose a spot on board after the lottery has ended.

I have canceled my sign-up. Can I still join?

Sure. Just repeat the sign-up process (see above how). The only difference is that you need to enter the 6-digit key code you got with your sign-up.

Can I use my favorite personal key code for my cruise sign-ups?

Surprise, you can! If you provide a 6-digit number in the Key code field of the green sign-up form on your initial member sign-up, this number will magically become your key code! But it's completely your fault when you make it just too easy for people out there in the hostile world to guess your code!

What is the fastest way to sign up myself and a guest?

Provide a suitable key code when you sign up yourself. Once on the confirmation page, use your browser's back button to return to the sign-up form (your key code, membership number and contact information are still there), change the drop-down selection to guest, and click Sign Me Upagain. 


Field Descriptions

In this section you will find detailed information about the input fields for creating a cruise or signing up, and learn what your inputs will be used for.

Fields for Creating a Cruise

Below you find the list of input fields to fill in if your are a cruising skipper creating a cruise. This section does not apply to regular (i.e. not cruising-skipper rated) club members! All fields not marked as optional have to be filled in.

DestinationShort description of the location the cruise is going to.
Cruising skipperEnter your name here. If this is a qualifying cruise, please enter the name of the cruising skipper candidate, who should be the contact person in this case.
Skipper e-mail(Optional field.) Enter your e-mail address here. If entered, it will be used as the sender address in automatic e-mails regarding this cruise. Additionally, the cruise details page will show your name as a mailto-link with your address. Leave this field blank if you do not have an e-mail address or if you do not want to receive e-mail regarding the cruise.
Supervising skipper(Optional field.) If the cruise will be one of your qualifying cruises, enter the name of your supervising cruising skipper here. The name will be included in the cruise info. For regular cruises, leave this input field blank!
DateEnter the date of the cruise (month/day/year) here. Double-check the correct input. This is very important for your crew. Furthermore, the overview list on the cruise sign-up main page is sorted according to the cruise dates.
MeetSelect whether the crew should meet at J-dock, at the clubhouse, or somewhere else. (In the latter case, you are supposed to specify the meeting point in thespecific information text.)
Meet time, Estimated returnSpecify the time for meeting the crew and your best-possible estimate of the return time. These inputs are only used for the cruise description, they are not processed in any other way. No problem to enter a return time on the next day for overnight cruises, or anything else that might fit in "we will be back about ...".
PlacesEnter the number of free crew spots to be assigned via the on-line sign-up system. Do not count your spot, your personal guest's spot, or your supervising skipper's spot! If there will be more than one boat, enter the sum of the spots on all boats (you will distribute people to the boats at the dock, this is not done during sign-up). If a second or third boat is added later, just increase this number to reflect the new spots, too.
End lottery, End sign-upEnter the closing time of the lottery and the closing time of the sign-up here (like 12/31/2003 1900). Please refer to section Phases of Sign-Up to learn about the effects of the times entered. This might be influenced by club rules, too.
Boat assignments(Optional fields.) Here you can specify up to 4 boats and up to 3 additional skippers that will participate in the cruise. This information will be included on the cruise info page, but not used in any further way. It is OK to specify only boats or only skipper names. Do not enter something like "none" or "(unknown)", but leave all fields blank that you do not have specific information for.
Specific informationHere you should enter any specific information about the cruise that is not covered be the inputs made above. This text block will be inserted at the bottom of the cruise info. To prevent entering all the usual hat-sunscreen-no-cotton stuff each time you create a cruise, you can select a cruise on the main page before pressing New. In this case, the selected cruise's data is used as the default inputs in the create mask.

Fields for Signing Up

Below you find the list of input fields to sign up for a cruise. All fields notmarked as optional have to be filled in.

NameYour full name or your guest's name.
Member#Your CSC membership number, most probably 4 or 5 digits. Double-check to enter the correct number. Otherwise the cruising skipper will not accept you as crew, and you might not be able to cancel or change your sign-up in case you wish to do so later. You must use the same (i.e. your) membership number if you sign up a guest.
member/guestIndicate here if this is the sign-up information for you as a CSC member, or the sign-up information for your guest (who need not be a CSC member). You must sign up yourself first, only then you may add a guest.
PhoneYou are required to enter a contact phone number so that the skipper will be able to reach you if necessary. You may use your guest's or your phone number at your discretion if you sign up a guest. You may change or add the phone number later by repeating the sign-up, which will never compromise your list position.
E-mail(Optional field.) You should provide your e-mail address here. You will be mailed a sign-up confirmation with the cruise information and your key code for this sign-up. You will also get a notification whenever you change from a spot on board to the waiting list or vice versa during the lottery. Even after the lottery, you might gain a spot on board if people with list positions ahead of you cancel, or if another boat is added to the cruise to accomodate people from the waiting list. Leave this field blank on sign-up if you do not want to get automatic e-mail and prefer to check your final position on the sign-up list via the web. You may use your guest's or your e-mail address at your discretion if you sign up a guest. You may change or add the e-mail address later by repeating the sign-up, which will nevercompromise your list position.
Key codeThe key code is only required if you change a sign-up, add a guest, or cancel a sign-up. In these cases, you have to enter the 6-digit key code here that you got when you first signed up for this cruise. This makes sure that malevolent club members (by the way: are there any?) cannot kick you out of the crew list to get a better list position themselves. The key code is displayed on the sign-up confirmation page and contained in the automatic e-mail notification after sign-up (only if you provided an e-mail address, that is). Skippers may cancel sign-ups with the key code left blank, mainly for removing people without a proper member state. On your very first sign-up for a cruise, you may pick your favorite key code yourself using this input field. But be sincerely warned that you will compromise your protection against spoofing if you use a too simple code! We suggest that you leave this field blank on your initial sign-up to have the system pick a completely random code for you.


Phases of Sign-Up

For every cruise, the cruising skipper determines two crucial points in time, called:

  1. Closing time of lottery

  2. Closing time of sign-up

The following sections describe the three phases that are distinguished by these points in time.

Before the Closing Time of the Lottery

Until the lottery is closed, every member signing up gets a random priority (drawn with an equal priority distribution). The same priority applies for both the member and one guest, if a guest is signed up in addition. You may move further down the list if further sign-ups happen. You may move up the list when members cancel their sign-ups for this cruise.

If you have canceled your sign-up and re-signup before the lottery has been closed, your priority will never change. You will regain your former list position on re-signup (however, further sign-ups might have you pushed down the list after canceling).

In this phase, the cruise will be displayed on green background on the cruise list page.

After the Closing Time of the Lottery

After the lottery (but not the sign-up) has been closed, every member newly signing up and every added guest gets a priority lower than any other applicant. In other words, you will always be queued at the very end of the list if you sign up after the closing time of the lottery. If there are still free places available, you will get them. Otherwise, you will always be placed on the waiting list.

This means that after the closing time of the lottery, nobody will lose her or his place on board. You can still cancel your sign-up yourself, but you cannot be pushed down the list by further sign-ups. But you may, of course, shift up the list (and maybe on board) when other people cancel.

If you have signed up during the lottery but add a guest later, you and your guest will not necessarily be at consecutive list positions. This must be done this way, since otherwise your guest would push people with "safe" places off the boat(s). For the same reason, you will lose your former priority if you cancel and re-signup after the closing time of the lottery. For on re-signup, you will be put to the very end of the list.

In this phase, the cruise will be displayed on yellow background on the cruise list page.

After the Closing Time of the Sign-Up

After the sign-up has been closed, you can neither sign up nor cancel. This is a good time for the skipper to print out the crew list, because it will not change anymore. The skipper takes over the responsibility of any later changes at this point of time. But the skipper can still increase the number of spots available (e.g. when another boat is added), in which case people benefited are still notified by the system.

Call or email the skipper if you are signed up, but want to notify her or him that you will not show up. Come to the dock if you are not signed up, but hope to get a free spot nevertheless (when other people do not show up).

In this phase, the cruise will be displayed on red background on the cruise list page.


Process by Example

Suppose we have the following cruise to sign up to:

DestinationEnd LotterySpots
DateSkipperEnd Sign-UpPeople
 SausalitoFri 07/02 12003
Sun 07/04/2004Capt. AhabSat 07/03 12000

Thus, the lottery phase will end at noon on July 2nd, and the sign-up will be stopped one day later.

Now, let Alice sign up with her guest Zara. This is before the end of the lottery, thus the system draws a random priority for her that will later determine her list position. Let us assume she draws 42 (lower number is better!). After her sign-up, the system responds with the following crew list:


Then, Bob signs up just himself, and he draws priority 711. So Bob finds himself listed after Alice and her guest, but still on board:


Now, Charlie logs in and signs up himself and his guest Yang. He gets 255as his random priority, which places him and his guest between Zara andBob on the preliminary crew list:


Now, 5 people have signed up, but there will only be 3 places available. Note the OnBoard column, which indicates who has a place on board at the respective point of time and who has not. When Charlie signs up, Bob gets an automatic e-mail notification that he (unfortunately) has just dropped out of the range of list places eligible for joining.

In this example, Charlie is very unlucky to find himself separated from his guest. Due to the fair lottery, there is no way to prevent this from happening occasionally.

Now suppose it is afternoon on July 2nd, meaning the lottery has ended. Thus, Alice cannot lose her two places any more, and Charlie is (at least) sure of the place for himself.

Sign-up is still possible. Say Diane signs up herself. She does not get a random priority any more, but is just put to the end of the list:


Finally, Alice decides to cancel her and her guest's sign-up, which is still possible until noon July 3rd. Now, Yang and Bob move up enough to get a (sure!) place, both get an e-mail notification about the change, and the list looks like this:


After noon July 3rd, the list is frozen and can safely be printed out for reference by Capt. Ahab. His special skipper's list looks like the following:


Capt. Ahab gets all necessary contact information, and he can even see that Alice has been signed up temporarily. The latter helps to detect - well, to prevent - mutliple sign-ups with fake membership numbers and the like.