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Weight in the right place is essential to sailing a dinghy, especially in strong wind. Without
strategically placed weight, the wind will tip over the boat. And to maneuver the boat, the
weight in the boat must be moved around to balance the changing force of the wind.

Our Bahias are rated to carry up to 5 people, up to a total weight of 425 kilograms. Likewise,
our P15’s can carry up to 5 people, our JY15’s 2 people, and 1 person in the Lasers and Bytes.
Overloading the boat is a very bad idea. Even these limits should be reduced in some
circumstances. Fewer people should be carried if some are heavier than average or less agile and
the wind is strong. With a less agile person aboard, reduce the sail area by reefing, and take
someone who’s extra agile and can help balance the boat.

In strong wind, having too little weight in the boat can also be a serious problem. If the
windsurfers are tearing up the waves in 20+ knots of wind, two small persons are not going to be
able to keep a boat upright, even with a reefed mainsail and no jib. That just isn’t enough weight
to balance the force of the wind. In stronger wind, don’t go out alone or with another light
person; get someone heavy to come along.