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Books to Read

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Between lessons, do some reading
Start with "Colgate's Basic Sailing Theory" by Steve Colgate:

Colgate's Basic Sailing

I've read dozens of books on sailing, and it is by far the most concise and to the point book that I've found so far.    It is a quick, but thorough, overview of the basics of sailing.  You will probably blow right through it.

It routinely sells on Amazon used books for super cheap:

Then take a peak at these books:

The Blue Book of Sailing: The 22 Keys to Sailing Mastery

The Complete Sailor by David Seidman
The Complete Sailor: Learning the Art of Sailing

How to Trim Sails by Peter Schweer

How to Trim Sails: Dinghies to Offshore Cruisers (2nd Edition)

Sailing Skills and Seamanship by US Coast Guard Auxiliary Association.
Sailing Skills & Seamanship, BOOK (Us Coast Guard Auxilary Assoc)