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Putting Out Anchor
  1. Steer the boat such that the bow is into the wind, or heave-to
  2. Announce to the crew that you are about to anchor
  3. Make sure there are no tangles in the anchor line
  4. Let the anchor down HAND-OVER-HAND on the windward side of the bow
  5. Announce that you are letting out 7-to-1 scope (ie. if its 2 feet deep, you let out 14 feet of line)
  6. Tie to bow.

Retrieving Anchor 
  1. Announce to the crew that you are pulling up the anchor
  2. Start pulling the anchor line in hand-over-hand
  3. If you are having trouble getting it out of the mud, sail the boat to the upwind side and pull on it from the opposite angle
  4. Wash the mud off the anchor before pulling it into the boat
  5. Neatly stow the anchor line

The anchor line should always be tied to the boat and should be coiled neatly so that the anchor is always ready for use. Anchor if you capsize near the rocks, if the boat breaks, or if you are having any trouble righting after a capsize.

The anchor should be let down over the side, not thrown, and its anchor line should be let out carefully so as not to get the anchor line wrapped around the mast, jibsheets, or shrouds, or snarled in its line or in the bow painter.

Once you’ve let out about twenty feet of anchor line, pull on the line to test if the anchor will set.  If the anchor doesn’t grip, pull it back in, check for a snagged line, and let it out again. If it grips, let out the rest of the line so the anchor line is fully extended.