Senior Project

The senior project should be approximately 10 hours of work.  Your project needs to be approved by ExCom before you start.  If you have a senior project idea and want to discuss it, or are ready to have it presented to ExCom, send an email to:  [email protected]

Here are some available senior project ideas:
  • Write up a keelboat manual for the club - kinda like the Dinghy Guide, except for keelboats.
  • Create a two minute promotional marketing video for the club.  It should show off all of our equipment, services, offerings, and fun.  It would have lots of upbeat music and show lots of smiles.  It would essentially be an advertisement for the club.  
  • Research, get approval from ExComm on the purchase of, and deploy a weather station at the club house.  We have one that no longer works.  But we need a new one.  It should distribute its readings to the website.
Everyone has something they do outside of their sailing life that can add value to CSC.  You are definitely encouraged to utilize your specific experience, work, education, etc in the course of executing your senior project.  Choose something that you are good at and with which you can bring value to the club.

Here are past senior project examples:
  • Alejandro:  Redid the back wall and shelves in the Board Hospital
  • Brei:  Rebuilt the front wall and door on the PFD locker
  • Malu:  Wrote up Dept. of Boating & Waterways grant
  • Wayne:  Repair and upgrade the electrical wiring on the keelboats
  • Auric:  Fix/repair/replace all the cleats on the Capri
  • Karl:  Move motor from old skiff to new skiff and get the new skiff ready for operation
  • John:  Organize YMCA rides for the summer on an ongoing basis
  • Joel:  100 hours of dinghy sailing instruction
  • Lori:  Put on various Women's Sailing Clinics
  • Dan:  Put on two Waterstart Clinics and author a Waterstart Handbook
  • Marshall:  Organize and execute concrete work for second dock
  • Zac:   Offering free CPR and First Aid classes 
  • Stephanie:  Series of women's sailing clinics