Test - Cruising Written

  1. Get familiar with a dozen of the most common cruise desinations in the Bay Area.  Learn about their location, the subtles of getting there, how to dock there, what there is to do there, etc.
  2. Plan 10 cruises.  Be very specific on times, tides, route, etc.
  3. Re-study the Senior Test material.
  4. Know forwards and backwards all operating rules, by-laws, and procedures relating to cruising at Cal Sailing.
  5. Read all of the informational sections in a tide book, and be highly proficient at looking up tide & current information.
  6. Read NOAA chart #1 from cover to cover.
  7. Study NOAA chart 18649.
  8. Attend at least one cruise - arrive early and stick with the Cruising Skipper candidate and watch/learn everything they do.
  9. Think of all the common severe medical issues that you might encounter with a cruise.  Write down exactly how you would handle each of them.

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