Ratings @ Cal Sailing

1. No Rating
  • Work Requirement: 2 hours every 3 months
  • Restrictions: Must be accompanied at all times by a Novice or higher rated sailor.

2. Novice Rating
  • Required TestsJunior WrittenJunior Rigging, Novice Practical (dock, anchor, capsize recovery, tack, and jibe)  
  • Work Requirement: None beyond minimum 
  • Administered by:  Senior for Rigging and Novice Sailing test (as part of lesson), Dayleader for written test 
  • Restrictions: Novice Area only, winds less than 10 knots, single-hand or take one club member (no guests)
  • Equipment: Trainer dinghies (Laser Bahias, Precision 15’s)
  • Area Description:  100 yards from any downwind shore  (note: usually the shores in the Novice area aren’t downwind, they’re upwind or sidewind, because the wind is from the west, but in south or east wind there can be downwind shores),  North of Hs Lordships restaurant, and West of 3rd dock.

3. Junior Rating
  • Required Tests:  Junior WrittenJunior Rigging, Junior Practical (tack, jibe, small circles, man overboard drill, anchor, capsize recovery, and dock in wind >10 knots) 
  • Work Requirement: 2 hours in addition to minimum
  • Administered by:  Senior for Rigging and Sailing tests, Dayleader for written test
  • Restrictions: Junior Area, no use of bowsprits or gennaker on dinghy
  • Equipment: Trainer dinghies (Laser Bahias, Precision 15’s); special checkout required to 
  • sail Lasers, Bytes, and JY15’s
  • Reefing: mandatory in wind over 10 knot
  • Safety Equipment: anchor, paddle, and (if non-self bailing) bailer must be on board
  • Area Description:  Within sight of clubhouse, 100 yards from any downwind shore except to dock, north of Ashby Ave, and east of a line from the Emeryville Peninsula to Hs Lordships restaurant. 

4. Senior Rating
  • Required Tests:  Junior Rating Tests (ie. Junior WrittenJunior RiggingJunior Practical); approval by ExComm based on judgment, sailing ability, and contribution to club;  Senior Written; two Dinghy Senior Practical tests on different dinghies (heavy weather, usual and unusual maneuvers) 
  • Work Requirement: at least 3 hours additional to other requirements 
  • Administered by:  Rating Chair (written test), two separate Rating Committee members (dinghy tests)
  • Equipment:  All dinghies (Laser Bahias with gennakers, Precision P15’s, Laser, Byte, JY15)
  • Equipment Required on Dinghies for Cruising:  When sailing outside Junior Area, the following are required... 
    • All Coast Guard Required Safety equipment 
    • At least one working, waterproof VHF radio and/or cell phone secured to PFD 
    • Anchor and rode, paddles  
    • Working compass 
    • Two flashlights, at least one floating  
    • First Aid kit, knife, screwdriver, wrench, and pliers 
  • Restrictions:  Single-handing any Club dinghy during the hours of darkness outside the Novice Area requires the presence of a skipper rated Junior or higher in another boat.  
  • Responsibilities:  At least 10 hours of teaching, repair, cleanup, volunteer dayleading, Junior tests, and/or administration every 3 months, signed off by Dayleader on Rating Card