(Information extracted from the USCG Deck Exam Guide

The following charts and miscellaneous materials are required/allowed in the examination room for use by the deck license applicant with all except the Rules of the Road module. 


Chart 12221TR – Chesapeake Bay (Training) 7642-01-401-4083 
Chart 12354TR – Long Island Sound (Training) 7642-01-400-7618 
Chart 13205TR – Block Island Sound (Training) 7642-01-400-7619 
Chart 18531 – Columbia River 7642-01-401-1617 

Great Circle Tracking Chart WOXCZ 5270 7642-01-400-9540 
Great Circle Tracking Chart WOXCZ 5274 7642-01-400-9543 

Plotting Sheet VPO SX001 – Universal 7642-01-400-9344 
Plotting Sheet WOBZP 923 (17° - 24°) 7642-01-400-9447 
Plotting Sheet WOBZP 924 (23° - 30°) 7642-01-400-9453 

Maneuvering Board WOBZP 5090 7642-01-400-9445 
Stability work sheets 
Radar plotting sheets 


Coast Pilot Volume 1 (Northern Right Whales) (any edition after 2000) 7642-01-400-8450 
Coast Pilot Volume 4 (Northern Right Whales) (any edition after 2000) 7642-01-400-8449 
Coast Pilot Volume 6 (Great Lakes Modules) (any edition after 2000) 7642-01-400-8454 
Coast Pilot Volume 7 (Rivers and ROTWR) (any edition after 2000) 7642-01-400-8455 
Publication No. 102 – International Code of Signals 7642-01-400-8462 
Light List Volume V – Mississippi River System (editions 1998, 2000 or 2002 only) 7642-01-401-1120 
Publication No. 229 – Volume 2, latitudes 15°- 30° 7642-01-400-9225 
Publication No. 117 – Radio Navigational Aids 7642-01-401-0071 
CIM 16616.6A, Chemical Data Guide
The Nautical Almanac – 1981 Edition 
COMDTPUB P16721.46 Reprints from the Tide Tables and Tidal Current Tables 
HO PUB No. 9 The American Practical Navigator (BOWDITCH), Volume II – 1981 Edition

Wx Sheets: 

Ship’s Code Card, Form WS TA B-O-7 (6-94) 
Ship’s Weather Observations WS FORM B-80 908-96) 


33 CFR Parts 1 to 124 46 CFR Parts 90 to 139 
33 CFR Parts 125 to 199 46 CFR Parts 140 to 155 
46 CFR Parts 1 to 40 46 CFR Parts 156 to 165 
46 CFR Parts 41 to 69 46 CFR Parts 166 to 199 
46 CFR Parts 70 to 89 49 CFR Parts 100 to 185 
Title 46 SHIPPING – United States Code Annotated 

Reference Books: 

COMDTPUB P16721.6A Merchant Marine Deck Examination Illustration Book 
COMDTPUB P16721.7C Merchant Marine Engineer Examination Illustration Book 
COMDTPUB P16721.29 Operating Manual DEEP DRILLER (MODU exams) 
COMDTPUB P16721.30 Operating Manual COASTAL DRILLER (MODU exams) 
COMDTPUB P16721.31 Stability Data Reference Book 
COMDTPUB P16721.32 Manual for loading the M/V GRAND HAVEN (Great Lakes exams) 
COMDTPUB P16721.38 Reprints from the Light Lists and Coast Pilots 

May be provided by the applicant: 

Star Finder – Rude or equivalent 

Calculator – Applicants may use calculators, but are not permitted to use preprinted forms during the examinations. All calculators must meet the following standards: 
(1) It must not use pre-programmed strips or chips or any other pre-programmed device, which may be inserted into 
the calculator. 
(2) It may not be a permanently programmed, specialty computer such as a navigation computer. Computers capable 
of generating trigonometric functions, logs and antilogs, squares, cubes, and the roots thereof are acceptable 
provided they meet the other requirements. 
(3) Any manually programmable calculator without simple erasure capability is not permitted. 

Plotting tools – i.e. dividers, triangles, nautical slide rule